Fashion, photography and funk. July in Edinburgh


Edinburgh Fashion Festival kicks off 17th – 25th July, 2014 an eye boggling array of grooviness., fashion shows, thin, well clad people sashaying around and a chance to get your hands on some of the goodies at the makers market in The Assembly Rooms in George Street next Monday/Tuesday – free to get in. But hold onto your Jimmy Choos that is not all – there’s also a world class, intergalactic, hello Rankin, photography exhibition – RETINA And if that hasnt’ palpitated your chestal area then why not try the annual Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival which is also on this coming week. Holy tamoly. Frankly there is so much going on this city right now it’s hard to know which way to turn.


Whichever way you to turn however keep your wits about you because the trams are up and running and they have that difficult to get used to habit of making no noise whatsoever.They have an old fashioned bell – which is obviously generated electronically to announce their slip sliding arrival, so keep your crania flaps peeled for it, it may save your life. Statistically when trams start in any city there are a few nasty accidents over the first few months so be aware.

Look left, look right and look left again as they used to say and enjoy Edinburgh!
This joint is jumping!


PS Photos nicked from their gorgeous website – thanks.