Carnival Camp – perfect for Edinburgh Festival goers!

Say goodbye to damp sleeping bags in the back of cars festival goers! A pop up town providing extremely affordable accommodation for up to 8,000 people will appear for the first time in UK during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Situated at the Royal Highland Showground near Edinburgh Airport, Carnival Camp could have a population similar to that of Brechin in Aberdeenshire or Marlborough in Wiltshire. There will be four tiers of accommodation from 12 bed dorms to en-suite double rooms. Prices per night are from £30.

Hotels, flats and guest houses are fully booked months in advance which causes problesm for both performers and visitors to the world’s largest arts festival. So help is at hand for the sleepy headed ones in the shape of Carnival Camp . Budget accommodation? Yes but with shower rooms, wifi, food and drink outlets and 24-hour manned reception. There will also be two stages for rehearsal and performance.
Hostival, the world’s first travelling festival hostel are the folk running it who for nearly a decade, follows its clientele around the world to the biggest and most famous festivals. They know what and where their guests want . They’ve been to Oktoberfest in Munich, Running With The Bulls Festival in Spain and the Rio de Janiero Carnival – quite fancy a job with them actually.
The company are currently in talks with various food and drink suppliers with whom they can work as partners in this venture and will be seeking established local brands and international brands that can contribute to the total experience
Giuliano Giacovazzi of

Hostival says: “We have decided to come to Edinburgh as this city is home to the world’s biggest arts festival. Often the cost of accommodation can deter people and we are hoping to alleviate this problem as well as provide a carnival atmosphere which our clientele expect and enjoy”.

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