Sunday 28th April – this looks like the place to be in Edinburgh


You can tell by this its going to be groovy. Admit it.
You can tell by this its going to be groovy. Admit it.

We heard about this from the lovely Catherine Aitken  – her gorgeous handmade Harris Tweed bags, wraps and other goodies are wonderful. So her and many others are getting together to put on a marvellous Sunday of creative  and foodie delights this weekend.

If you have a credit card burning a whole in your pocket, a child nipping at your ankles, a beast in your belly needing feeding,  a hangover that you need to shuffle off  or all four of the aforementioned, This could be just the place.

This Sunday in Summerhall – the old Dick Vet at the South side of the Meadows near Causewayside –it looks very promising indeed.

See you there?


Tram drama


What in Gawds name is going on in Princes St. Gardens? From the road all looks well. The Scott Monument above looms large.The Castle still presides over the gardens below but look a little closer + you may well ask what happened to the lush green grass where young lovers used to lie entangled oblivious to the rest of the world? Alongside the 3-piece suited office workers sprawled like starfish gulping the fresh air before returning to their sterile air conditioned pens for the afternoon ahead. Cheek by jowl with young mums + toddlers
escaping the confines of their homes to see the real world + save their sanity.


Judging by this photo l wonder whether our chip intake has dropped to such an alarming rate they’re planting potatos where the grass used to be.  Or perhaps more appropriately the Council have started a market garden to grow vegetables to sell in order to raise funds for the elusive  irritating black hole financial money pit which  will allegedly one day bring us trams.


I am yet to meet anyone who lives here who doesn’t think the whole tram debacle is a load of bollocks.

Stop trams.

Free beer for all..

Above a brief extract from our manifesto for Sept 18th 2014