Getting round Edinburgh

Trams Calton HillLeave the car at home.

The sort of thing an aged gran might say but it’s true. But there are more one way streets, pot holes and confused drivers in Edinburgh than any city in the known world. The reason is there has been an ongoing expensive and ill managed attempt to put in a tram system going on for years. Literally. Years.  During this time the local council have spent millions of the tax payers money and as you will spot on immediate arrival in the city still not delivered any trams. Roads have been shut, dug up,re-surfaced, dug up again, closed for 6 months, opened up one way, shut, opened up the other way, turned into pedestrianised areas and all the while local business after local business has been put out of business. SO yes it’s a sore point. As you can tell.

So leave the car miles away and get a bus. Or train. Or walk. On a clear day walking is the best way to get round the centre of the city. Areas a little out of the centre are easy to access with public transport or by taxi.

Our traffic wardens love giving out tickets and what is a rule on one street may not apply on the adjacent street. There is nothing they love better than to slap on a ticket to an unsuspecting drivers car. Expect no sympathy from them just as I keep saying – leave the car at home.

Try these taxi numbers: 0131 229 2468  or 0131 228 1211

Lothian buses  – they go everywhere, all day and night – and there are hundreds of the little darlings.

So keep that hard earned cash in your pocket and leave the car at home. Edinburgh is your oyster.