Rain rain go away – och well please yourself – it’s great regardless!

Built an Ark yet?
Edinburgh Fringe and Festival is a great time of year for Scotland.
A great time of year for the arts and then we get this deluge.
Unseasonally wet. Sorry tourists.
If there is one thing that us Scots know how to do it’s make the most of dreadful weather – with the exception of The Tattoo most productions are inside so it shouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. After all you didn’t come here for the sunshine did you?

Great bars, restaurants, late licenses and aye a smiling face. Yes there is little complain about.


Edinburgh Fringe kicks off if you want an hour or two away – here’s a cracking idea.


Beautiful Harris Tweed bags by Catherine Aitken.

OK it would be foolish to ignore the impending explosiong of the arts in the centre of Edinburgh and I won’t. I really won’t. I love it and spend most of my days during August in Edinburgh in small venues watching all sorts of productions. Small, big, free, great and frankly appalling but I love it.
This is the week where you can get your 2 for 1 tickets as the previews and first nights abound so keep googling and get yourself to the Edinburgh Fringe Website and you will surprised what great deals you get.
Within a week the jungle drums are beating and the absolute beezers are already being booked solid – no really it happens that fast. I will endeavour to give you the heads up when I can so here is your first steer.

This weekend as the centre of the city begins to strain with sheer numbers of people if you are fancying a little respite then try taking a wee trip down to Coburg Studios on Coburg Street. In this great multi-level space you will find a literal warren of studios inhabited by a collective of great artists, some well known some not, jewellery designers, sculpture, ceramics really something completely unique. They open their space a few times a year and this weekend the place is open.

Artist Lynne Hanley





Really worth a guddle about.
Two other tips when in the area.

Mimis Bakehouse just round the corner – delicious cakes, coffee and in a quirky delightful place….and if you fancy something a little stronger then head to The Shore which is on the waterfront at Leith (pictured at the top of this post it’s a great area to explore )and order their ham hock cakes with poached egg and hollandaise sauce – the best hangover cure on the planet. The Shore is a bad just bursting with atmosphere you will love it and live music is highly likely if it’s Sunday so enjoy yourself and as they say in these parts Stick In til you Stick Oot!