Victoria Street – Edinburgh

If you are in the toon. Then don’t miss this street from top to tail fabulous, quirky one off shops.

Here is a brief sojourn to give you a flavour of the place, bursting with character, history and smiley people.




Edinburgh looking great!


Spring has sprung the grass is riz.  The tables and chairs are out on George Street as the optimistic bar and restaurant owners know the second that flaming ball of fire aka the sun  is in the sky, the locals run here for al fresco fun.

As tourists arrive they are undoubtedly stunned at the fact at 16 degrees everyone is whooping it up, in sun glasses, short sleeves, with fit flops dangling off their feet as if they were in Miami. Well this is our Miami. This is hot compared to the rather cold and grim winter we have only recently emerged from. So welcome to Miami Beach, Scotland. No gun crime, no Don Johnson, no chance of a third degree burn but isn’t it beautiful.

And do take note if you are a visitor, something which will gladden your heart. In the sunshine, everyone in Edinburgh smiles, broadly and talks loudly and hugs enthusiastically. Yeh sure winter is OK but you know what?  From here on in this is the only place you want to be.

Circle Cafe, Edinburgh’s Egg Benedict Supremo!

Circle Cafe I know I do go on about it. I love a cafe but if there one thing that can help assuage the horrors of a mid-life hangover it is their eggs benedict. Served with spinach, bacon, smoked salmon or both.

Shuffling in there today just after they used to stop serving it. It was with a smile we were told – no problem! So a large glass of freshly squeezed orange, a portion of eggs benedict £7.95 and the feeling that the world wasn’t so bad after all.

After the night I had just had – chronicled here at Alisons Diary – it brought me back to a state of mind where I felt I could continue with my day, upright and without tears. Thank you Circle Cafe. My stomach and I love you.

You’d be Cuckoo to miss this

Cuckoo’s Bakery opened on 14th February 2011 an easy date to recall you will love it. LOVE IT!
Foodies heaven Cuckoo’s is small bijou and serves only  the freshest of ingredients all made on the premises, exception being the bread which is produced by a local artisan bakery.
Everything on the menu changes daily with the exception of the cupcakes. Oh Lord the cupcakes. Excuse me whilst I pause to show you this.

White Choc & Raspberry miss this at your peril

See? I bet your lips are licked already. Cupcakes the size of a babys head from £1.80 to takeaway and the good or bad news is, depending on whether you are on a cupcake free diet or not – is that they deliver! Dear God no.

The alternative which I recommend is to go, sit in and and ruminate on life in their delicious little cafe/tea room. It’s a wonderful place to sit.
At the foot of Dundas street the second you walk in you are transported from a bustling part of town into this sublime and calm oasis.
Graham, the guy who owns and runs it, was in theatrical PR in London and has long harboured an ambition to open his own place. London’s loss is Edinburgh’s gain.

From the cuckoo inspired bits and bobs to the ktich crockery depicting typical Edinburgh themes in a most untypical way. As you can see here – this must make the best souvenir of the city beating hands down a tartan Jimmy hat or box of mass produced shortbread.

Crockery so popular they have decided to sell it customers!

Homemade soups with a sandwich the size of Fife start at £6.50 a substantial snack. Examples of sandwiches might include : Fresh herb roast chicken with Jarlsberg & Pesto or crumbed ham, Mullof Kintyre Cheddar & pickle mayo. Or maybe a Bagel – toasted & served with homemade coleslaw. Scottish smoked slamon, cream cheese & rocket anyone? Two savoury tarts on offere every day too as well as a choice of soups, scones, brownies and oh yes THE CUPCAKES. Displayed in an Edwardian  lingerie chest as you can see no detail is left to chance.

No furcoat, no knickers - just delicious cakes!

So…there you go. Cuckoo’s Bakery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh. At the cross roads of Handerson Row & Eyre Place. Gret to pop in enroute to the Royal Botanical Gardens or on your way down from the endless Dundas Street galleries. Let me know what you think!