Spring is spring the boks are riz.

Edinburgh bursting with South African fun this weekend as the Springboks arrive in town. The result was of course a joy for the locals but rather than scowling and sobbing the South Africans in town have been smiling and enjoying their time in the city. Despite the vile windy, foggy, dreich and revolting weather. Ah, yes.


November the leaves are turning the snow is on the way!

Edinburgh is a wonderful place at this time of year. Blue blue sky, cold cold air and a feeling that you can live forever as you stride the streets and gaze at the sunshine glinting off the buildings, pavements and ruddy cheeked locals.

Yes so we love summer but to be honest when the streets clear and the temperature drops the city is ours once again. The perfect time to visit Edinburgh you can get a table at every restaurant in town – well most, wrapped up you get the benefit of open fires and warming toddies. Cashmere swaddled smiling people meander. Prices are less than high season, deals can be struck and the city is your oyster.
What are you waiting for?