The Pope coming to Edinburgh, 16th September 2010.

The Pope is coming to the city on 16th September. The news is the traffic will stop, the crowds will surge and everything will take a long long time. So if you’re coming our way bear that in mind.If you’re not, here he is waving. Cut it out and put it on your mirror. There you see that’s much more personal.

On another note Travel Lodge have just opened a new branch in Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. This is incredibly central, a continuation of Princes Street and really great value with rooms from £19 ! You could do a lot worse if you’re thinking about a trip. Especially if there is a crowd of you, or you will be stomping the streets as you can walk everywhere from this great location. They also take pets so kids, pets and you – everyone happy.

Don’t panic if you see tram lines in the centre of town that you will be hit my a tram if you don’t watch out. You won’t. They are not even nearly finished being built it was just the local councils rather sick joke to put a real tram in the centre of Princes Street so locals can gaze upon it and realise they are unlikley to be travelling in anything like it for years. Hey ho. Ours is not to wonder why…..